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Ergebnisse & Tabellen 17 Die Pl tze Eins bis Drei kennzeichnen die festen Champions-League-Pl tze, Platz Vier berechtigt zur Teilnahme an der CL-Qualifikation. Platz F nf und Sechs zur Teilnahme an der Europa League, an der auch der Pokalsieger teilnimmt. Der 16. spielt eine Relegation gegen den Dritten der Zweiten Liga, der 17. und 18. steigen direkt ab. Corrections & Clarifications ABC News: On 12 February 2018, the ABC reported that the UniLodge building in Darwin is partly made of the same flammable aluminium and polyethylene cladding used in the Grenfell towers in London. The ABC wishes to clarify that that is not correct. The aluminium cladding used on certain parts of the UniLodge building is a different product containing a much smaller amount of polyethylene mixed with incombustible material and a fire retardant, which is considered safer. The ABC further understands that the relevant cladding is in the process of being replaced for reasons unrelated to fire danger. The ABC withdraws any suggestion that UniLodge has not complied with relevant building codes or is unsafe and apologises for any suggestion to the contrary. ABC News: On 14 February 2018, ABC News Online published two stories on corporate tax rates – a news story examining why many large Australian companies do not pay corporate tax and an analysis of proposed changes to company tax rates.  The news report has been updated to add further information and context. The analysis piece did not meet ABC editorial standards and has been removed for further review. ABC NEWS: On 22 January 2018 in a live interview on the ABC NEWS channel, a REST Industry Super spokesperson stated that if a woman earning $50,000 per year and taking a career break put away $10 per week towards her super during that break, it would be the equivalent of the 9. 5% superannuation guarantee and she would therefore be making up the shortfall.

Corrections & Clarifications - Corrections & Clarifications

The amount required would be closer to $90 per week, assuming a break of one year. Insiders: On an episode of Insiders broadcast on Sunday February 11, a man convicted of common assault and affray over an incident which lead to the death of Brisbane teenager Col Miller was described as "the perpetrator. " This was an error. He was one of two men who attacked Mr Miller, with the court finding he did not deliver the fatal blow mirror-casino.pw/p/istorii-o-igrovye-avtomaty. He was one of two men who attacked Mr Miller, with the court finding he did not deliver the fatal blow. 7. 30 and ABC News online: On 12/13 December, 7. 30 reported that some women were suffering serious side effects from long-acting reversible contraceptives, including the Implanon device. The stories presented the case study of a woman claiming certain side effects which are not considered by peer reviewed science to be recognised side effects of the Implanon and which could not be corroborated.  Reference to these side effects have been removed from the stories. ABC News: On 31 January 2018, ABC NEWS reported on a document prepared in April 2009 for the Strategic Priorities and Budget Committee (SPBC) warning of critical risks in the roll-out of the Energy Efficient Homes Package. In reporting on that document, the ABC did not intend to suggest that Mr Rudd recklessly ignored critical risks of the home insulation scheme before the deaths of four young installers or that he lied to the Royal Commission that examined those deaths. The ABC accepts that, as found by the Royal Commission, Mr Rudd was not warned of, and was not aware of critical safety risks at the time. The Royal Commission made no adverse findings against Mr Rudd and there is no suggestion that Mr Rudd lied to the Commission.   The ABC unreservedly apologises to Mr Rudd for any harm or embarrassment caused. ABC NEWS: On 18 January 2018 in a Live interview on the ABC NEWS channel, technology consultant and commentator, Paul Budde asserted that Bill Morrow was aware at the time of accepting the role of CEO of the NBN that the NBN plan was ‘impossible’  and that he could not implement it. This statement was Mr Budde’s opinion and the ABC does not endorse it ABC News: On 31 August 2017, ABC News published a story reporting an interview with former Liberal prime minister John Howard on the same-sex marriage survey.


  The report stated that Mr Howard said the Government needed to consider protections outside of the ceremony – such as whether religious schools would be allowed to ban enrolments of children of married same-sex couples.   This was incorrect and has been removed from the story. News: A story broadcast on the 7pm News and ABC Online on 30 September 2017 quoted a couple who had previously been residents in a Lendlease village as saying their general service fee had been increased by Lendlease from $300 a month to $500 a month. That was incorrect. The couple interviewed by the ABC actually said their fees had increased from $300 a quarter to $500 a quarter. The Drum: On The Drum on 21 August there was a discussion of same-sex marriage, which is opposed by the Catholic Church. During that discussion a guest made a comment to the effect that Archbishop of Melbourne, Denis Hart, had ignored or covered up allegations of serious child abuse. The ABC wishes to clarify that that is not correct. There is no evidence and has been no finding that Archbishop Hart has ignored or covered up child abuse. The ABC apologises to Archbishop Hart for any harm the comments may have caused. Pages The ABC is committed to delivering content that engages, informs and entertains. We are also committed to upholding our editorial standards, including accuracy, impartiality and independence. That means if mistakes are made, we aim to correct or clarify them quickly and transparently. This page brings together in one place the corrections and clarifications made to ABC content across our radio, television and digital platforms, whether as a result of complaints or for any other reason. Wherever possible, we will also provide links to the content itself, so you can see the original material and the changes that have been made. For more information about each item, simply click on the headline.

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