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Now affordable–option for reusable or disposable slides The mounting costs of disposable slides and tips have deterred many labs from giving up tedious manual cell counting. In response to this, the Countess II FL instrument was designed to work with a reusable glass slide , which helps significantly reduce the long-term consumable costs of automated counting. Convenient disposable slides are also available. Advanced autofocusing and counting algorithms The Countess automated cell counters contain advanced autofocusing and counting algorithms to allow you to quickly and accurately identify and count cells within a population (Figure 1). Countess instruments are compatible with a broad range of cell types and cell lines, and we have validated their use on a number of commonly used cell lines лесной покер видео. Countess instruments are compatible with a broad range of cell types and cell lines, and we have validated their use on a number of commonly used cell lines. Upon insertion of the slide the Countess instrument will automatically focus on cells, which helps to minimize user variation associated with manual focusing. Figure 1. User variability counting with a hemocytometer compared to using a Countess II instrument. Identical samples of A549, COS-7, HeLa, and U2OS cells were counted by three different operators using a Countess II Cell Counter and then manually with a hemocytomer and microscope. The user-to-user variability for the hemocytometer is much higher than for the Countess II instrument. Easily gate cells and view histograms Cells can be easily gated based on cell size, brightness, and circularity to fine-tune precisely what is included or excluded for specific applications. View the histogram by selecting the graph icon, and watch the changes in real time as you use the gating features. The average cell size is also displayed on the histogram ( Figure 2). Figure 2. Histogram is updated to reflect gating changes. Multiple gating options can be selected separately for live cells and dead cells, allowing easy inclusion or exclusion of debris or specific populations. Dilution calculator Easily determine the amount of cell sample and buffer needed for your experiment with the built-in dilution calculator. The cell count results are automatically used in the calculation; simply input the desired concentration and the volume needed ( Figure 3). Streamline your workflow with custom profiles Custom profiles can be saved and easily accessed from the capture and results screens ( Figure 4). Settings for cell size, brightness, and circularity as well as fluorescence thresholds can be customized and saved for easy retrieval. Figure 4.

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Easily access custom assay profiles. Printable report with cell counting results Using the USB port on the Countess II FL Automated Cell Counter, you can save your cell count results and images, and then transfer them to your own computer. Image files can be saved as TIF, PNG, or JPG files, and the results are saved as a CSV file. A printable PDF report with results, images, and settings used can also be saved ( Figure 5) принцип казино. A printable PDF report with results, images, and settings used can also be saved ( Figure 5). Time savings The additional time it takes to manually count cells using a hemocytometer (up to 5 minutes) compared to counting with the Countess II automated cell counters (10 seconds) is often overlooked as an added cost. An individual counting five slides per day (two samples per slide) can save ~10 hours per month by switching to an automated counter with a reusable slide mirror-casino.pw/p/princip-kazino. An individual counting five slides per day (two samples per slide) can save ~10 hours per month by switching to an automated counter with a reusable slide. The time savings increases to ~15 hours per month when using disposable slides (Figure 6). This additional time can be applied to other activities in the lab, resulting in a significant advantage when switching from manual to automated cell counting. Figure 6. Estimated hours saved per month when switching from counting cells with a hemocytometer to using an automated cell counter. Full spectrum of fluorescence detection–not limited to GFP and RFP The Countess II FL instrument has two optional fluorescence channels. The fluorescent colors collected are determined by the insertion of individual light cubes. With 20 light cubes to choose from, the Countess II FL instrument is not limited to detection of GFP- and RFP-expressing cells. Looking to measure the transfection efficiency of cells transduced with an RFP-expression construct with a blue nuclear counterstain? No problem. Simply add the RFP and DAPI light cubes, and you can effectively count the number of cells expressing the RFP fusion within the total population and accurately determine the transfection efficiency. Gating based on fluorescence intensity The ability to use up to two customizable fluorescence colors with the Countess II FL Automated Cell Counter allows for more accurate counts when dealing with complex samples that contain significant amounts of platelets, RBCs, or debris. In addition, the ability to gate based on fluorescence intensity to determine how many cells are dim vs. bright, or are expressing a fluorescent protein, can save time and effort prior to downstream analysis with techniques such as flow cytometry or high-content analysis ( Figure 7). A) The dim cells (around 50 RFU) have been excluded from the GFP-positive count. ( B) Two fluorescence colors are present, each of which can be gated by size, brightness, circularity, and fluorescence intensity. Read the application note: Revolutionizing fluorescence microscopy The powerful yet easy-to-use Invitrogen EVOS FL Cell Imaging System provides the flexibility to fit most epifluorescence microscopy applications.

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